Are metal bobbins better than plastic? (2023)

Whats the difference between metal and plastic bobbins?

Plastic bobbins and metal bobbins of the same size can NOT be swapped. Machines are set for a very precise tension setting. If they are set for a lighter plastic bobbin, the tension will change if a heavier metal bobbin is used.

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Does it matter what bobbin you use?

You MUST use the bobbins that are made for your machine. Check your owner's manual or stop into your local sewing machine store for advice. The wrong bobbin can really goof up your tension!

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Can I use metal bobbins in a Brother sewing machine?

We do not recommend using metal bobbins this machine. This machine uses SA156 (XA5539-151) bobbins which are class 15 bobbins. For best sewing results, we recommend the use of Brother genuine parts and accessories. CAUTION: If you use bobbins from other models, the machine will not work properly.

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Are all metal bobbins the same?

Contrary to what some people believe, not all bobbins were created equal. At first glance they may look the same, but in actual fact different brand bobbins differ in diameter, height, depth and shape. A bobbin that is too small in diameter will cause the thread to tangle in the bobbin case while sewing.

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Do plastic bobbins wear out?

The plastic will wear and it will groove the edges and cause nicks. No excuse, check the plastic ones too. Check the bobbin to be sure it is the right kind, style or class for the machine. Plastic bobbins need to go into plastic bobbin cases to avoid wearing the case out with the edges of a metal bobbin.

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How do I know which bobbins to buy?

Not all bobbins are clearly labeled with their size and style, however your machine manual should tell you what size bobbin to use with your machine. ZJ shows several of the different bobbin sizes and explains what machines they are used for.

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Are drop in bobbins better?

Top Drop-in bobbins on the other hand is much more beginner friendly. Modern top drop-in systems are way better than the older generation. When compared to front-loading counterparts, top drop-ins are so easier to use.

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What thread is best for bobbins?

Polyester or Cotton Bobbin Thread

Both cotton and polyester are good choices for bobbin thread and are a matter of personal preference. Some sewing machines seem to prefer polyester which is slightly stronger. If 50 wt cotton thread is breaking, try another brand or try polyester thread.

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What is the difference between Class 15 and Class 66 bobbins?

Class 66 Bobbins

You will notice the relative shortness compared to the Class 15 bobbins. All Class 66 bobbins have a slightly dome-shaped flanges. Just like Class 15 bobbins, they can be purchased in plastic or metal. Most modern machines of this class will have a plastic one.

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Are Class L and Class 15 bobbins the same?

It's worth noting that the L Style bobbins are the same diameter as the Class 15 bobbins. As such, you can use L Style bobbins in a sewing machine that uses Class 15 bobbins. However, a Class 15 bobbin is too wide to fit in a machine that uses L Style bobbins.

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Can you use metal bobbins?

Generally, metal bobbins are better than plastic ones. So, you can use metal bobbins in your sewing machine. There are various reasons why metal bobbins are better.

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What class are Brother bobbins?

Brother Bobbins SA156 Clear Plastic, 10-pack, Class 15, 11.5 size - Quality Sewing & Vacuum.

Are metal bobbins better than plastic? (2023)
What class of bobbins does Singer heavy duty use?

It uses a class 66 bobbin, which has more of a curve than the 15J and is slightly narrower. Like the 15J, it is shorter than the 15.

Are Prewound bobbins worth it?

Pre-wound bobbins can save a lot of time, especially when quilting a quilt. It's great to be able to jump right in without having to stop and wind bobbins first, or to stop in the middle to wind more. Plus, pre-wound bobbins often hold more thread than those you wind on your machine.

What are the holes in bobbins for?

There should be a tiny little hole on the side for you to put your thread through. Thread from the inside of the bobbin, out, so your thread sticks out the side an inch or two.

Why does my bobbin thread keep getting caught?

This can be caused if the top thread tension is too tight, or if the bobbin thread is not in the bobbin case tension. Check that the upper thread is feeding freely without obstruction (like getting stuck behind the spool cap or getting caught on any rough spots o the thread spool itself).

What can I use instead of bobbins?

1. Some posterboard-weight cardboard. I used the wrapping from a blanket I bought. You want it to be sturdy; an index card is too light (believe me, I've tried -- they just end up buckling!) and you can go as heavy as you want, so long as the thread can wrap around it well without being caught on anything.

What is the most common bobbin size?

Style 41 bobbins are the most common pre-wound bobbins used in Class 7 sewing machines. The most popular end use for these bobbins is sewing synthetic web slings and tie downs. Style 58 pre-wound bobbins are commonly used to sew tarps, canvas and covers.

Does it matter what color your bobbin is?

You can use whatever color you want, but you don't need to change color to match the top thread. Your bobbin thread should not show through the top layer of stitching. It will only be seen on the back of the item. The reason you want to use a lightweight thread is to avoid too much bulk on the back of the item.

What is the difference between L style and M style bobbins?

Style M bobbins hold almost twice as much thread as Style L bobbins (210 yards compared to 110, depending on thread type and manufacturer.)

Do bobbins wear out?

As long as you take good care of your bobbin case, it will perform well. However, eventually, it will cease to sew smoothly and will need to be replaced. Sometimes people think they only need to replace certain parts of the bobbin case, like the tension spring or the tension screw.

When should I stop winding my bobbin?

Holding thread end, step on speed controller to run the machine until the desired amount of thread is wound. (Winding stops automatically once bobbin is full.)

Can you use any bobbin in a sewing machine?

Use only bobbins that are the same class/style as those that come with your machine – don't substitute! SINGER® branded bobbins are recommended for best results. Wind thread on empty bobbins only – don't wind additional thread onto partially wound bobbins, as this can cause stitch irregularities when you sew.

What machines use class 15 bobbins?

Bobbins are used to help support thread in automatic sewing machines. These bobbins are for SINGER machines that use a plastic Class 15 bobbin, ATLAS, Brother (rotary), Elna, Kenmore® (rotary), Morse, Necchi, New Home (rotary/old style), Pfaff®, Sewmor, Universal, White (rotary) and Wizard machines.

What machines do class 66 bobbins fit?

About this item
  • Set of 4 class 66 metal bobbins.
  • Class 66 bobbins are compatible with many SINGER models 66-1 through 66-18, 99CL, 185, 192, 201, 609, 717 and other top drop-in bobbin sewing machines.
  • Never add thread to a partially wound bobbin as it may be uneven and cause thread to tangle or break.

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